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Add categories tree list to product details – Prestashop 1.7

Quick steps to add categories tree to product details

A very requested feature which is pretty hard for new prestashop users.

When viewing a product details you fiind it hard to browse other products from other categories. You need to press back button and then click again.

What you would like is to to fill the following area with Category Tree view and/or other modules:

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to backoffice panel (admin panel)
  2. Click on Design > Theme & Logo
  3. Click Choose Layouts (on your selected theme)

4. Scroll to “product”

5. Check from the dropdown: “Two Columns, small left column – Two columns with small left column”

6. Press SAVE

7. Click on Design > Positions

8. On the top right click “Transplant a Module”

9. Select from the first dropdown “Category tree links”

10. Select from the 2nd dropdown the Transplant to: “displayLeftColumnProduct (This hook displays new elements in the left-hand column of the product page)

11. Press SAVE

12. Go to Modules > Module Manager

13. Scroll to “Design & Navigation”

14. Go to “Category tree links” (if you don`t see it press see more)

15. Click configure on the right

16. Select “Home Category” and press SAVE

17. Go into the Front-Office and see the final result:

Enjoy and Good Luck!


Robert Dumitru

Robert is a passionate UI/UX Designer and a Front-end Developer

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