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svg explorer

View SVG images with Windows Explorer

Is there a way to preview svg files in Windows 8, Windows 10 or any other version?


Yes you can download and install directly from here

Visit de Code Google download page:

Other details avout the svg explorer extensions can be found here:

Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud does not show Apps tab

Issue: the Apps tab does not show when you open Creative Cloud.

Sometimes this issue occurs and the main problem is that you cannot install/update any product.

Creative Cloud
The Apps tab does not appear

Here is a small tutorial on how to fix this issue:

  1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop manager
  2. Click the drop down on the top right(near the gear icon)
  3. Click on preferences go to General Tab and then sign out
  4. Click on the drop down from the top right again and click quit to exitr
  5. Go to the OOBE folder in the path for the type of OS listed below
      • Windows

    folder here –> C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\Configs

      • Mac

    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/Configs

  6. Copy the attached ServiceConfig.xml file to folder (you may have to delete the existing one if it exists)
  7. Restart your computer, open the Creative Cloud and you should have the apps tab available.


Final result should be like the image below:

Creative Cloud
Creative Cloud Desktop with Apps Tab

The contenteditable attribute

First, let’s check out the spec:

The contenteditable attribute is an enumerated attribute whose keywords are the empty string, true, and false. The empty string and the true keyword map to the true state. The false keyword maps to the false state. In addition, there is a third state, the inherit state, which is the missing value default (and the invalid value default).

The contenteditable attribute was mainly intended for providing an in-browser rich-text or WYSIWYG experience. You’ve likely seen this sort of thing in blog-based authoring tools like Symphony or sites like Flickr where you can begin editing page content simply by clicking in a given area.

As mentioned above, contenteditable has three possible states:

  • contenteditable="" or contenteditable="true"
  • Indicates that the element is editable.

  • contenteditable="false"
  • Indicates that the element is not editable.

  • contenteditable="inherit"
  • Indicates that the element is editable if its immediate parent element is editable. This is the default value.

When you add contenteditable to an element, the browser will make that element editable. In addition, any children of that element will also become editable unless the child elements are explicitly contenteditable="false".

Browser Support for contenteditable
Browser Version
Chrome 4.0+
Safari 3.1+
Mobile Safari 5.0+
Firefox 3.5+
Opera 9.0+
Opera Mini/Mobile N/A
Internet Explorer 5.5+
Android 3.0+